abre offers services at all stages of the research process from planning, through investigation and analysis to reporting and dissemination of findings.

All services are flexible and tailored to meet client needs, whether acting as project lead, associate or sub-contractor. All deliverables are managed according to pre-agreed milestones, resources and timescales, and involving regular updates.


  • Research planning, advice and management, developing tailored methodologies, sampling strategies, research tool design, peer review and validation
  • Evaluation planning, advice and management, building monitoring frameworks, logic models and program theory, experimental and quasi-experimental designs
  • Education and training in research and evaluation, delivering learning modules, training packages and supporting capacity building


  • Primary research including consultations, focus group facilitation and surveying using a wide range of online, telephone, CATI, mail and social media options
  • Secondary research including statistics collation, web analytics, literature review, rapid evidence assessment, meta-evaluation and environmental scanning
  • Quantitative analysis such as significance testing, cross-tabulation, forecasting, net impact adjustment, sensitivity analysis, cost benefit analysis and benchmarking
  • Qualitative analysis such as thematic coding and keyword analysis, weighting and scoring, comparator review and synthesis of findings


  • Data visualisation using GIS mapping, infographics and multimedia design, desktop publishing and web accessibility guidance
  • Reporting findings, writing funding bids and business cases, executive summaries and presentations, along with recommendations, dissemination events and supporting adoption of findings

There may be other ways we can help meet your specific needs so please get in touch if you have any questions or to discuss how abre can help.

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