Project Management & Process Evaluation

How a project, programme or policy is implemented and managed has an understandable bearing on its overall success, and this comes down to numerous factors affecting decision-making, organisational processes and mechanisms for change.  Process mapping is a well-established technique to understand activities more thoroughly and to advise on effective project management.  In other cases, compliance audits and quality assurance reviews can help inform plans moving forward.  abre is experienced in each of these areas, undertaking on-site and off-site process reviews and producing project management guidance.


Project Manager Training Handbook – ekosgen for Yorkshire Forward

Andrew worked on the core handbook, answer book and final presentation to support experienced Yorkshire Forward project managers with appraisal.  The training materials covered four main evaluation modules: rationale for intervention; logic models; net impact assessment; and options appraisal.

Research and Evaluation Coordination – Ottawa Police Service

Andrew was hired in 2012 to research and report on the evidence base for the OPS 2013-15 Business Plan and to act as internal lead and external liaison for two high profile evaluations.  During his two years in post, he supported the continued development of OPS research and evaluation capacity, including managing the undergraduate research internship program and promoting OPS research to the wider community.

Process Audit of South Yorkshire Construction JOBMatch – ekosgen for Sheffield City Council

Andrew led on consultations and on-site audits for this interim review of the Construction JOBMatch program.  The audit reviewed operating systems, performance against program targets, and identified lessons learnt and key benefits.

Review of External Funding Processes and Accountability – ekosgen for Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

Andrew undertook consultations with senior local stakeholders to review Doncaster Council’s organisational structure and accountability mechanisms specifically related to managing external funding, and helped shape recommendations.