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New Resource for Research and Planning Studies

ReflectivecycleFor individuals and organisations involved in managing projects, programs or policies, it can sometimes be unclear how and why to use evaluative research and planning. The idea of using research evidence to inform practice might be viewed positively but understanding what this involves might be less certain.

At the same time, research practitioners are regularly challenged to design and undertake new research and planning assignments without necessarily having access to consistent up-to-date guidance that can be applied across a wide range of contexts.

To help address these issues, has been launched to support the design and development of research and planning studies. It does this by providing guidance through a structured Research and Planning Framework, and by explaining some of the main concepts and approaches that are useful for practical research and planning. This includes distinguishing between exercises involving assessment (what happens and why), evaluation (understanding the implications) and development (planning what happens next) which have a cyclical relationship, as shown in the diagram.

The website is available as a resource for project managers, policymakers, researchers or others with a professional interest in the subject. It is grounded in a global review of research and planning guidance, combined with practical experience. It is also expected to evolve over time so feedback is welcomed.

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